The AMR Centre is searching for new collaborative opportunities throughout 2019. AMRC looks to partner with innovative companies, institutions and universities from around the world, to tackle the increasing threat from antimicrobial resistance.

AMRC is focused on antimicrobial programs from lead optimisation, through to clinical PoC, and beyond. We favour new and novel approaches, targeting pathogens on the WHO’s “critical priority” list of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

The partnering process is initiated by sending an Expression of Interest (EoI) form to . The EoI is an initial, non-confidential method of providing the AMR Centre with more information about your project. The form will then be reviewed by AMRC’s Pipeline Review Team (PRT), which meets on a monthly basis.

Should your project pass the initial EoI stage, AMRC will provide you with an advanced Project Application Form (long form), which allows greater information to be shared.

You can download an Expression of Interest form by clicking here.

Visit our Partnering page for more information.