Pandemic viruses are a global threat to our health and economy

As of September 2020, Covid-19 has infected 17m people and killed 650,000 worldwide. The IMF estimates that the coronavirus pandemic will cost the world economy $9 trillion by the end of 2021. Infex Therapeutics is committed to sharing its expertise in developing drugs with partners from a range of disciplines in order to develop the treatments that are required to mitigate the impact of such viruses, both now and in the future.

Bugs are evolving to become resistant to the existing drugs

Drug-resistant bacteria infect over 50m people worldwide killing over 700,000 each year, including 80,000 in the USA and Europe. This will rise to 10 million deaths by 2050, wiping $100 trillion from global economic growth. Infex Therapeutics has built a world-class capability with expertise in the acquisition and development of a new generation of therapies to meet the rising burden of critical priority infections to address unmet patient needs. With extensive commercial experience, we identify and acquire promising technologies then deliver assets with compelling target product profiles that are attractive to out-license to major pharmaceutical companies. This is a global problem with resistance spreading ever more quickly, with bugs evolving to become resistant to the existing drugs and no new antibiotics having been developed for over 30 years.  Infex Therapeutics is working to accelerate the development of new products to that will mitigate the long term impact of antimicrobial resistance.