The AMR Centre’s Executive Director, Dr. Pete Jackson, recently spoke and took part in a panel discussion on the future of life sciences within the Northern Powerhouse.

Speaking in front of a crowded room in MSP’s Bright Building, Dr. Jackson clearly highlighted the North’s AMR capabilities and capacity.

Dr. Jackson stated, “The North has more industrial AMR researchers, businesses and programmes in the pipeline than the “Golden Triangle”, and that “The North has excellent assets in our world-class facilities, academic centres and NHS research organisations”.

Dr. Jackson also warned of antibiotics no longer working as intended, stating that “This is Darwinism in action”.

Calling for further investment in AMR, and in the North, Dr. Jackson said that the “UK AMR pipeline is significantly under-invested”, but also that “The North has an excellent opportunity to capture the opportunity to develop new treatments for AMR.

“We need to put in place the funding infrastructure in the UK to support SMEs develop their new technologies for AMR.”