Our mission is to accelerate the development of new, innovative drugs for viral and microbial infectious diseases.
As such we form international partnerships with companies and research institutions to support the development of their products from lead optimisation through to clinical proof of concept at Phase 2.

Flexible Acquisition Model

We are looking to partner with innovative companies and institutions from around the world.


Infex Therapeutics takes responsibility for funding, developing and commercialising the program


The project owner and Infex Therapeutics together provide funding, development expertise and commercialisation for the program

What Infex Therapeutics Is Looking For

We acquire programs that help address World Heath Organisation critical-priority infections, namely:

New technologies and targets to address drug-resistant Gram-negative ESKAPE micro-organisms to address the global AMR pandemic

New targets for drug development for pandemic viral diseases

Projects can be anywhere between Lead Identification and Phase 1 and should ideally have secure IP

Infex Therapeutics is open to work on a risk share basis with early-stage, underfunded biotechs, universities and or large pharmaceutical companies

Mobilising underinvested assets with limited access to expertise and capability

What We're Currently Progressing

In-license and back-license option agreement with a global pharma company Shionogi on RESP-X, a clinical-ready antibody for respiratory infections

Nomination of MET-X clinical candidate for urinary tract infections

Co-development agreement with US biotech partner Microbiotix on a new gonorrhoea drug

Co-development agreement with a UK partner on three new first-in-class development targets for drug-resistant infections

What Infex Therapeutics Offers

We will support/fund the development of the project with in-house or partner delivered services. Through our experience and contacts, we will support applications for non-dilutive grant awards. Provided that milestones are achieved, we aim to support programs to the completion of Phase 2 clinical proof of concept. In exchange for support, Infex Therapeutics takes a royalty share of the program.
Our services are delivered by our team of medicinal chemists and microbiologists – the largest dedicated infectious disease development team in the UK:
• Pre-clinical and clinical development teams – 80% at PhD level
• Microbiology capacity of 15 full time employees, and 30 full time employees in medicinal chemistry.
• Combined infectious diseases experience of over 150 years

Situated within world class facilities at Alderley Park in the North West of England, our location allows us access to a range of additional on-site pre-clinical and clinical services including modelling, analytical, toxicology, genotox, DM/PK/PD/ADME and in-vivo testing, supply chain management, formulation, regulatory support and intellectual property.

• Infection innovation consortium with Unilever, Evotec, University of Liverpool, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, recently awarded a £19m grant from the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) Strength in Places Fund (SIPF) to deliver a major project to tackle infectious diseases, including COVID-19.
• World-class platforms for pre-clinical and clinical development of new therapeutics, with a phase 1 clinical trial unit specialising in infection and respiratory disease.